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Who We Are

NordMAB is a sub-network for nordic
cooperation, within the world network
of Biosphere Reserves, recognized by
the program Man and the Biosphere


Biosphere Reserves, researchers, experts and government officials who collaborate in this network, address the challenges of regional sustainable development in a northern context.

These issues are at the heart of NordMAB: urbanization, migration of young people, working with indigenous people (alt. indigenous communities), tourism development, access to education, collaboration with private sector in major industrial projects in the mining, forestry, energy sectors, etc.


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Where We Are

NordMAB is composed of designated Biosphere Reserves and works in collaboration with strong candidates to BR designation, to address the challenges of regional sustainable development in a northern context. . The Nordic Countries involved are Canada, Denmark (Greenland), Norway, Sweden, Finland and Estonia.


What We Do


NordMAB aims to strengthen cooperation across Nordic Biosphere Reserves and create models of synergy, capacities and management that will be recognized within UNESCO and the World Network of Biosphere Reserves. We establish and reinforce the leadership of NordMAB’s Biosphere Reserves by 3 simultaneous strategies:


1)  Enhance synergy among NordMAB


2)  Enhance NordMAB capacities within the 3 common challenges identified by NordMAB:

  • Fostering Northern sense of belonging

  • Building collaborative relationships with private sector with the aim of becoming more sustainable

  • Usaging traditional knowledge and research in nature management and mitigation of climate change


3)  Enhance NordMAB visibility and presence 


Northern sense of belonging

and research in nature management and mitigation for climate change

Using traditionnal knowledge

This objective aims to connect indigenous communities in the North through sharing of their traditional knowledge and to strengthen models of sustainable development, environmental and social management strategies and policies.

It is implemented by a partnership between Samis of northern Sweden and Innus of northern Quebec, on the topics of territorial agents training and internships, as well as challenges and leadership of woman in local communities.

This objective is to enhance collaboration between Biosphere Reserves and Biosphere Candidates across the North, to build beneficial links with private sector, in order to maximize social responsibility and sustainable development in Nordic Biosphere Reserves. 

The objective is to provide a strong identity experience to Nordic youth, to enhance their knowledge and foster their motivation to take part of Nordic environmental awareness raising issues (climate changes in particular). NordMAB’s Students on Ice is the flagship project of this specific objective. It aims to explore how youth are effective change agents in their community / Biosphere Reserves and how their efforts contribute to positive societal action.

Candidates Biosphere Reserves

Biosphere Reserves members

Building collaborative

relationships with the private sector

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