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NordMAB 2017 annual meeting took place in Moen Biosphere Reserve, Denmark. The report of this event will be available on this website by the end of the year.

annual meeting



October 16-18, 2017



Moen Biosphere Reserve, Denmark.

Other events where NordMAB has been promoted recently:


- Conference organised by the Swiss Commission for UNESCO "Assessing the values of UNESCO at national level in the framework of the existing methodology", Lugano Switzerland, August 26th-28th - The aim of this year’s Lugano meeting is to focus on the values at national level and their significance in order to increase UNESCO’s focus and to anchor UNESCO’s positioning closer to the field.


- Swedish national MAB workshop, 30 September-1 October, Voxnadalen Biosphere Candidate Area: Biosphere Reserves as solution oriented arenas for conflicts of interest.

- Responsible Tourisme in Destinations, June 9-10, 2016, Jyvaskyla Finland

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